by: Dr. Margaret Dureke

Ambassador Dr. Margaret Dureke is an accomplished bestselling author and publisher of several, self-empowerment and business development books. Here are some of her publications:

Collective Empowerment: Short Stories

The purpose of this book is to inspire and empower women daily; to demonstrate that although we are all unique as individuals, we all can relate to each other’s experiences because that is something that we can all share.

My Only Game: A True Love Story

“The story of My Only Game started in New York, in 1986. It is an inexplicable, implausible and unconditional journey of twist of faith, love, and friendship.”

This is How I Talk to Myself: Self-Talk Therapy

“This is How I Talk to Myself is a workbook designed to help teach users how to routinely talk to themselves in every situation in a way that has the power to take root and empower your destiny. ”

I Am...The Power Of Self Awareness

“The power of self-awareness cannot be effective and appropriated if you are only 99% aware. Though it accrues in small doses with time it must be at 100% to be potent enough to affect change that is life changing.”

Words And Phrases Of Wisdom For Spiritual And Emotional Upliftment

“No matter how tangled your life may seem, quotations in this book are selected to help you summon the courage to make a new start!”

NETWORK MARKETING: How to Avoid the Damage It Can Do to Your Life and Business and How to SUCCEED! Revised Edition

“Have you fallen victim to the PROMISED next best thing since Microsoft and spent your entire fortune on it hoping to make endless amounts of cash with it, month after month?”

Think, Believe, Act & Grow Rich Your Daily Pedagogical Nugget Excellent Source of Daily Mental Nutrients

“The purpose of this book is to get you to THINK to QUESTION and SHAKE everything. BELIEVE to BREAK THROUGH and CHANGE everything. ACT to SHIFT, LIFT, TRANSFORM and TRANSCEND everything effortlessly and GROW RICH.”

How To Succeed Against All Odds

“A powerful, inspiring and transcending masterpiece that will uplift and dare you to awaken the giant in you!”

Eleven Proven Organizational and Time Management Techniques: How to Become Highly Organized & Effective at Home and Work!

“If your life is not organized, there is hope for you because if I can learn it and I’m still learning it, you can too.”

The Power of Concistency: 11 Fruits

“Have you ever had any issue with completing what you started or are you even scared to start because you don’t think you will be able to stay the course to complete it?”


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