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Eleven Proven Organizational and Time Management Techniques


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Author Margaret Dureke says, “If your life is not organized, there is hope for you because if I can learn it and I’m still learning it, you can too. Read this book as many times as needed, practice, and see how much better your life and work will become. If you read and apply what I present in this book, you should become a better time manager, a better organized person, and most importantly, you should become highly effective and more productive both at home and at work.

You will learn:
a.) How to overcome the underlying beliefs that perpetuate an “unmanaged lifestyle”;
b.) Learn how to balance tasks through prioritizing and delegating;
c.) Create a system that works for you;
d.) Organize time for “play” to enhance work and enjoy family.

How you will benefit:
a.) Gain organizational skills to increase time and energy;
b. Eliminate procrastination/excuses; replace with action;
c.) Enhance effectiveness in work performance for advancement;
d.) Have a balanced work life for family and personal relationships.


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