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My Only Game: A True Love Story Kindle Edition


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The story of My Only Game started in New York, in 1986. It is an inexplicable, implausible and unconditional journey of twist of faith, love, and friendship. Their journey defied all odds and overcame unimaginable adversity, trials and daunting challenges, and endeared the true meaning of love in marriage or in any relationship. John: “every day with you is like the very first time”. If you only know what they have endured to still feel this way about each other, you will understand the reason for this book.

If you have ever wondered if true love exists or had it and something tragic or life changing events happens and you wonder how others before did it; or you are looking for amazing inspirational love story to strengthen yours, this book will do that for you.
What happened in this love story of My Only Game is only what happens in the Life Time moves, but this story is true in every sense of it. And for those of you that over the years have asked John and Margaret to share their unique and exceptional love story to encourage others, here is to YOU!
Love conquered it ALL!


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