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How To Succeed Against All Odds : Make Adversities Your Foot Mat! (How to Succeed in Life)


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How to Succeed Against All Odds is a powerful, inspiring and transcending masterpiece written with the main intention of uplifting and daring you to not only awaken the giant in you but to actually unleash it to go out and work for you. My main goal in this book is to empower and dare you using my personal success stories on how I defied all odds against me in every aspect of my life and succeded. This task challenges you to dare to take a different path to discover your vocation, and help chisel your destiny, for you might find passion or treasures and your calling in life in the process. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. I believe that the only things that make a difference in life are action and prayer and everything else are excuses. My personal success stories and strong belief and faith in God and in the law of averages, (suffering and sacrifice being redemptive) will help you find ways to succeed at anything you want out of life, no matter what kind of obstacles or adversities are stacked against you. As evidenced in my insightful focus on goals, you too can transcend above all the odds against you and accomplish your dreams. Using determination and perseverance as shared in this book, you too can be unstoppable. After all, if you really want it, and really know how you know what you really want, you will find a way to make it happen. I will show you how you can focus on your goals using the giant in you and the big magic of thinking big and following it to self-realization and actualization of your goals.


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