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11 Keys to Find the Seed of Opportunity in Any Adversity


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The purpose of this book is to share with and empower others who are going through unbearable adversities and hard times of any kind that make it seem as if they can’t survive this “ONE.” However, if they can muster the strength to survive it, they have the power to turn it around and succeed!

Take it from a young mother who went through traumatizing and life-changing events that were followed by dark feelings of the end of life and career, and with the desperation that comes with nowhere to turn. Fortunately, the author realized there must be some kind of opportunity in the midst of adversity, if she could only find creative ways to survive the adversity during that dark and difficult period. The question was “HOW?” You are probably already thinking, “How does adversity become opportunity?” The answers are in the 11 KEYS revealed in this book!


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