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This is How I Talk to Myself: Self-Talk Therapy


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This is How I Talk to Myself is a workbook designed to help teach users how to routinely talk to themselves in every situation in a way that has the power to take root and empower your destiny. Words are both powerful and destructive. It is how you choose to apply them that can either be restorative, healing, empowering and therapeutic or damaging. You have the POWER to CHOOSE. Choosing positive self-talking the minute you wake up in the morning and throughout the day, has the ability to set your day in motion for greatness no matter what others may say to you or what you may encounter that day. The key is to be proactive and not reactive with self-talking. If you read and apply the work portion of this book constructively and consistently, your positive self-talk can change your life like it has done for the author and the thousands that she has used this process for. If you work it, it will work for you. If you don’t work it, it will not. It’s that simple.


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