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Ambassador Dr. Margaret Dureke is a recipient of one of the highest civilian honors in America, the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award and an Honorary Doctorate Degree of Philosophy in Entrepreneurship and Business Administration. She is also a recipient of the Maryland Daily Record Top 100 Women 2023.

        Dr. Margaret Dureke is the Founder, President, and Executive Director of an economic empowerment educational nonprofit organization called WETATi Academy; located at and in partnership with Nyumburu Cultural Center, University of Maryland, College Park. She is also the founder and managing Principal of Margaret Speaks. Dr. Dureke is a renowned international “moxie motivational speaker”- Washington Post and known as a “How-to-Guru” for her expertise and natural ability to empower her clients, through her MargaretSpeaks. platform.
        Ambassador Dr. Dureke, received her B.A. degree with honors from Howard University and a Juris Doctorate degree in law from American University, Washington College of Law, Washington, DC. She is serial entrepreneur, publisher, and bestselling author of several personal and business development books such as “How to Succeed Against All Odds”, “The Power of Consistency”, “7 Drivers for Success”, “Think, Believe, Act and Grow Rich”, “I Am: The Power of Self Awareness”, “11 Keys to Finding The Seed of Opportunity in Any Adversity”, and many more.
        For over 30 years, Dr. Dureke has been training, empowering, coaching, mentoring and inspiring corporations, government agencies, business leaders, community leaders, diplomatic corps, students, and the public about the importance of believing in themselves to achieve their respective impossibilities in any area of their lives. Her passion is to teach others how to turn adversities or disadvantages into achievements.

What I Do

Helping you build motivation and strategy necessary to achieve your goals, with care and confidence



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