Diplomatic Professional Training


“Ambassador Dr. Dureke, thanks for a wonderful job on the hands-on training, everyone was impacted, the certificates are state of the art and very beautiful. I pray we all utilize the training tenets and live up to the expectations of the mission. You are a true WETATian. Best regards.”

Isha S. Sillah (Mrs.)
Minister Counselor/Head of Chancery
Embassy of the Republic of Sierra Leone




Dr. Dureke is experienced in providing diplomatic corps, as well as business executives, the latest techniques for diplomatically managing and handling any situation to achieve the most successful outcome for all involved. Many of the techniques that apply to corporate and executive organizations also apply to the diplomatic corp. Much of Dr. Dureke’s knowledge and training skills in areas including management, leadership, organizational and individual development, retention and expansion, organization and time management, and sensitivity and diversity issues can benefit any organization.

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