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You can’t minister where you haven’t bled. There is a big difference between scholarly and experiential teaching. Margaret has done both and has been in the field helping thousands to transcend and transform, and inspiring millions for the past 26 years.

Kedu! I Am Ambassador Dr. Margaret Dureke

If you’re looking for energized and transformational speaker on the topic of motivation, empowerment and change, and overcoming all odds, Ambassador Dr. Margaret Dureke is your person. Her message is relatable no matter what you have been through or will experience in the future! Through business events; government, church and social groups; and individually, Dr. Dureke’s motivational and actionable message is changing lives, businesses and corporate culture around the world.

Whether you’re looking to inspire, motivate and empower one person, 45,000 employees, diplomatic corps, or corporate executives in a boardroom, her message is for you.  Let Dr. Dureke motivate and lead your audience to action as she relates how she changed her own life and built successful businesses when there was no obvious path to success in sight.

Everyone can GET UP and TAKE CHARGE of his/her life, TRANSFORM, TRANSCEND, and fight for the life he/she wants! If you are interested in booking her for your next event, click here.


Corporate and Executive Training

Providing companies and executives with professional training, organizational skills and time management, leadership development, sensitivity and diversity understanding, growth solutions, and more.

Diplomatic Professional Training

Providing diplomatic corps, as well as business executives, the latest techniques for diplomatically managing and handling any situation to achieve the most successful outcome for all involved.

Business Retention and Expansion Training

Working with company managers and human resources staff to develop retention and training programs designed to tap the full capabilities and talents of both management and line employees.

Entrepreneurship Start-Up and Development

Teaching an individual or company how to take any idea, get started, and turn it into a successful business simply tapping into your own God-given ideas, talents, and skills. I am someone who has successfully started many businesses and succeeded with no money to start.

Personal and Business Development Coaching

Offering the knowledge and experience for successful personal and business development coaching. For the past 20 years, I have been in the field helping others to transcend and transform.