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Event Keynoter, Master of Ceremonies, Motivational Speaker

Ambassador Dr. Margaret Dureke is a renowned and sought after national and international motivational and empowerment speaker. She is in demand as a keynote speaker throughout America and the world for events both large and small. Because of her unique ability to inspire and uplift others no matter the circumstance, Dr. Dureke has been hailed as the “Moxie Motivator” by the Prince George’s Gazette Newspaper. Some of her noteworthy appearances include: speaker and presenter at the 58th Anniversary of the Montgomery Bus Boycott honoring Rosa Parks in Alabama; presenter on the Issue of Economic Empowerment for Women and Youth in the Republic of Tanzania; and for the international political community of the Organization of African Union Ambassadors to the United States on the issue of Economic Empowerment for Women and Youth in the Diaspora.

Dr. Dureke is just as comfortable and effective when speaking to smaller local groups. She is an experienced speaker and Master of Ceremonies for all occasions including Weddings; Christenings, Wake Keeping, etc.

“It is not possible to find the words to THANK you for taking the time you took out of your busy schedule to attend our event. The guests were moved by your words and there was not a person that left the building without feeling inspired by you. We are humbled by your kindness, your powerful speech, your passion and your humility. I feel that we need a women’s retreat to soak in all the good stuff you have to say and share. Thank you, thank you, thank you…from each one of us personally, from our project change family, and every child and women whose lives will be changed because of you.”

– Cheryll-Dene Spring, Esq.

Founder & President of Project Change

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