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Dr. Margaret Dureke was noted as one of the most valuable trainers for Blacks in Government (BIG) in 2010. “Margaret Dureke is the only one who can give life to a lifeless topic.”

Lula Simon

Dept. Of Transportation

“Ambassador Margaret Dureke is a phenomenon!”
Towanda Livingston
Director WSSC, Director SMLBE

Dr. Dureke offers corporate, executive, company and diplomatic training on a group or individual basis. Her knowledge and training skills include management, leadership, organizational and individual development, business retention and expansion, entrepreneurship, and business start-up. She also is well versed in organizational and time management, and sensitivity and diversity issues.

Please consider the following questions when determining if you or your organization can benefit from this type of group or individual training:

  1. Is your company or organization experiencing slow growth and stagnation?
  2. Do you want to expand, but are not sure how to start the process?
  3. Do you have problem employees that refuse to abide by company policies?
  4. Do you have trouble training and retaining good employees?
  5. How to resolve problems without losing good employees?
  6. How to find the right people that will help you grow?
  7. On an individual level, are you sick and tired of doing the same thing and wondering why things are not changing for you?
  8. Have you been working the same job for years and asking yourself the question, “Is there something better out there?”
  9. How to use rejection and disappointments as inspiration for success?
  10. How to find fulfillment in your career?

Take steps now to Hire Margaret so she can bring her knowledge and training skills to your company or organization!

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