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Coaching & Training Topics

  • Delivering World Class Service to Meet High Customer Demands
    Creating An Environment of Continuous Improvement (for World Class Service)
    Managing Stress (Professional and Personal)
    Personal Leadership and Accountability
    Motivating Staff – For World Class Performance
    Critical & Creative Thinking for High Performance
    Building Strategic Partnerships
    Coaching to Achieve Positive Results (for Managers and Executives)
    Management and Leadership Training (building credibility as a
    Resolving Team Conflict (Disarming and Diffusing Conflict)
    Building a High Performance Team
    Creating and Maintaining a Positive Work Environment (how to handle
    negative and toxic employees)
    The Art of Negotiation and Persuasion as a Skill Set
    The Changing Workplace
    Doing More With Less
    Leading with Confidence
    Believing in Yourself and Looking Ahead
    Living Your Purpose/Passion and Not Just Making a Living
    10 Keys to Succeeding Against All Odds
    8 Secret Steps to Permanent Weight Loss and Keeping It Off
    “Wholistic” Approach to Wellness
    All You Need to Know to Win
    29 Proven Organizational Skills; Time Management Skills for Highly Effective People
    How to Start and Succeed at Business, Including How to Start without Capital
    Entrepreneurship – Is it for Everyone?
    Step Outside Your Comfort Zone and Achieve!
    Don’t Quit on the Brink of Your Success!
    It’s Not What You Have, It’s Who You are!
    Take Risks! It’s the Only Way!
    All You Need to Know to Make a Comeback!
    5 Things You Didn’t Learn in College That Will Help You to Excel in Life!
    It’s Your Life; Take Charge of It!
    If You Have the Courage and Strength to Survive, You Have the Power to Succeed!
    The Future of Your Health Can’t Wait, Do it Now!
    Overcoming the Odds in Self-publishing!
    Independent/Self-publishing: Is it For Everyone?
    Seven Drivers for Success!
    I Have a Dream That You Have a Dream – What Did You Do With It?
    Don’t Give Your Power Away; It’s All You Have!
    Keep on Pushing; Change Will Surely Come!
    It’s Not What Happened To You, It’s What you Did With It!
    How to Succeed Against All Odds and Make Adversities Your Footmat!
    Entrepreneurship is a Form of Creative Freedom and Power, Engage in It!
    Personal Development/Growth Success Training
    Winning Mindset and Wellness Mentality
    Your Wealth is Your Health – Take Charge of It!
    The Power of Consistency
    Leading with Confidence, Excellence and Integrity
    Entrepreneurship: Expanding Your Career Options in the Twenty-First Century
    Diversity Training: Unity amongst our Differences, Understanding, Support and Progress
    Organizational and Time Management
    Essential Skills for Managing Conflict
    How to Thrive During Hard Times and Economic Down Turn
    Discover the 7 Secrets of Top Achievers
    5 Secret Steps to Achieve Your Impossible
    If you have the strength and Courage to survive, you have the power to succeed!
    Resilience – The Single Most Characteristic of Every Successful Person!
    Looking Ahead and Believing in Yourself!
    The Power of Conscious Decision Making
    Professional Development
    Telephone and Email Rules of Engagement
    Setting Goals and Achieving Them
    Resilience – The Single Most Important Characteristic of Every Successful Person
    Look Ahead and Believe in Yourself
    Corporate Leadership
    Make a Conscious Decision To Succeed
    Your Journey Begins When You Decide
    Understanding Leadership in the 21st Century: Looking at life, work and relationships from a cooperative, educative, informative and empowering perspective to enhance and advance in life.

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